LED Light Ultrasonic Machine

5 in 1 Multi-function Skin Tightening Device
– RF (Radio Frequency)
– EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
– Mesoporation
– LED (Light Energy 5 colour)
– Electroporation

Skin firming & wrinkle removing, improving sagging skin, aging wrinkles, promote blood circulation, whitening & remove yellow, utrition lead-in, healing eye bags, nutrition nourishing, remove acne, shrink pore and more

Red Light : Treat wrinkled skin and enhance the regeneration of collagen and skin elasticity
Green Light : Treat dark spots or discolored skin by working to prohibit the overproduction of melanin
Blue Light : Treat acne and oily skin
Yellow Light : Brighten the skin, it is suitable for skin with dark spots and dull areas
Pink Light : Used to whiten the skin
Pink flash Light : Used to aid in the permeation of skin care products


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