Hot & Cold Facial Steamer

This unique steamer can switch easily between hot & cold to ensure your clients benefit from their facials

-Cold & Hot Double Spraying
-Separate Cold and Hot Water Tanks
-Water Level Detection
-Adjustable Height
-Adjustable Steam Arm
-White Legs and Base

Cold Steam Benefits:
– Helps close pores, reduces the appearance of pores and refines skin to be instantly softer and smoother.
– Instant cooling, soothing refreshment after facial treatments and dermatological treatments
– Restores skin to a natural and healthy pH
-Nurtures dehydrated skin
-Maximizing moisture retention before applying moisturizer
-Plumps the surface of the skin for a more youthful appearance

Warm Steam Benefits:
– Opens pores
– Helps increase circulation
– Helps increase cell metabolism
– Loosens impurities on the skin’s surface


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