DZ6ZA Moisturizing Hydrating Norishing Treatment 10 Treatment / box


3-Step Treatment

Ultra Moisturizing Serum
Its strong penetration power can repel sign of dehydration, diminish fine lines, dull skin and improve rough skin appearance.?
Intradermal Specialized Hydrating Mask
It instantly improves skin absorption and retain long-lasting moisture. It can plump moisture in underlying skin, and its time-release technology enables skin cell acts like a reservoir to release moisture regularly, leaving skin even, smooth, glow and bright.
Nourishing Protective Cream
It provides deep and nourishment for skin in 24 hours, which formula helps skin to keep and lock the moisture at optimal level.

How to use:
STEP 1: Gently apply the serum over cleansed face.
STEP 2: Apply the mask on face for 10-20 minutes and then remove it. Gently massage until the remaining essence absorbed.
STEP 3: Gently apply the cream on face, gently massage until fully absorbed.


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